Medicine for a Better Tomorrow was created by an international team of enterprising high school honour students while they attended the Shad Valley enrichment program at Lakehead University in July 2010. Fifty Shad teams hosted by 10 Canadian universities were challenged with the same task: "to create a product or service that will be of benefit to Canada's aging population."



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The MBT™ team was interested in a creating a medical solution and quickly identified one area for its research: the physical, medical and economic impact of seasonal influenza. The data provided compelling rationale for the MBT™ initiative to develop a safe, cost-effective and non-invasive alternative to address one of the main barriers to more widespread immunization: patient resistance to the hypodermic needle.


What began as a group project at Shad has grown into a new Canadian company doing business as Medicine for a Better Tomorrow, with intellectual property, a business plan to commercialize an innovative product, and a complete communications strategy through which MBT™ will tell the Formulation V720™ story.



Award Winning Concept Turns One Year Old - Patents Pending


Highly-motivated leadership and task management enabled the MBT™ Team to create an environment in which a spectrum of ideas were shared, subjected to peer and academic review and through concurrent research, innovation and product development efforts, the concept and design for Formulation V720™ was created.


Further to a rigourous review process, the scientific rationale and business case for V720™ were officially presented to a panel of experts in the fields of business development, banking, corporate finance and health care on July 20, 2010.


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Formulation V720™ was recognized as the "Best Application of Scientific Principles", the "Best Overall" at Shad Valley Lakehead and advanced to the RIM/SHAD Cup in the National Competition held at Waterloo, Ontario, where it was recognized for "Best Marketing Plan" and "Best Application of Scientific Principles.


In 2012, MBT™ expanded its patent protection efforts on a global scale.
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The MBT™ Leadership Team


Grant Sparling, President & Chief Executive Officer
Lisa Tang, Executive Vice President
Krisha Patel, Vice President, Finance
Somee Park, Vice President, Marketing
Vigne Sridharan, Vice President, Communications
Rameez Virji, Vice President, Science and Technology
Jessica Zhu, Director, Brand Development
Taha Al-Jishi, Director, Quality Assurance
Rod Rodjanapiches, Director, Product Development
Vishal Babu, Product Development
Sondus Bellow, Product Development