V720™ was co-invented by a team of students, including: Grant Sparling, Rameez Virji, Lisa Tang, Krisha Patel, Somee Park, Vigne Sridharan, Jessica Zhu, Taha Al-Jishi, Rod Rodjanapiches, Vishal Babu and Sondus Bellow.


The vaccine is delivered in the form of a uniquely designed capsule (Patents Pending) with an unmatched product benefit profile. Most important, V720™ eliminates the fear of invasive and sometimes painful vaccination by hypodermic needles.


Hypodermic needles have been the primary delivery system for the influenza vaccine for over 60 years. Fear of needles remains a top deterrent to higher vaccination participation rates (Source. MBT™ Survey, July 2010), reduced incidences of influenza, lower healthcare costs, lower social and economic costs and fewer deaths.


  • V720™ is the product that offers the potential for safe, cost-effective vaccination on an unprecedented scale to domestic markets.

  • V720™ will enable Canadian provincial and territorial governments to fulfill their vaccination mandates while eliminating the burden on nurses, physicians, clinics and hospitals that currently administer the hypodermic vaccine.

  • V720™ will provide needle-averse patients of all ages with a simple self-administered capsule alternative.