V720™ was co-invented by a team of students, including: Grant Sparling, Rameez Virji, Lisa Tang, Krisha Patel, Somee Park, Vigne Sridharan, Jessica Zhu, Taha Al-Jishi, Rod Rodjanapiches, Vishal Babu and Sondus Bellow.


MBT™ has addressed the significant underlying problem of producing a vaccine capsule which will remain structurally stable until it reaches the small intestine. For example, if the virus inside the vaccine is attacked by stomach enzymes and acids it may deteriorate before reaching the small intestine, making the vaccine ineffective.


Medicine for a Better Tomorrow has created a product that will ensure the influenza vaccine is activated only when it enters the small intestine and digestive fluids break apart the encasement of the capsule. This will release the vaccine into the lymphatic system. It is only then that the immune response is successfully initiated by the body, producing protection against the influenza virus.


The capsule is completely biodegradable and is fabricated from 100% organic, naturally derived ingredients. Patent-pending, the efficiency of the delivery system was initially confirmed by Dr. David Law, a Bio-Chemist at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario and Dr. Prithy Babu, a Food Scientist at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario.